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-have a slight headache

-my mom and step dad are bickering a little. they're selling their house, here (need to move, can't do stairs cuz of the arthritis in mom's knees and something called, a sciatic nerve) some military guy made a deal that was "stinky" making them have to pay for everything so mom and Ray told what they were going for and the guy accepted. Now, they're just disagreeing on what houses to look at. Gaby and I just looked at a couple an hour ago, and mom liked one of em, and turns out its across the street from one of my aunts (one of my dad's sisters)

-dunno if Gaby's birthday party (next month yet) will be here or elsewhere...I asked what kind of party she wanted, Littler Mermaid (Ariel) or Yo Gabba Gabba...she said Ariel. I think I'm going to try and buy one of those cupcake shaped cake pans and make aqua colored frosting and now just need to find a cake topper or maybe Little mermaid figure set.

-One of mom's old dogs (one of our old crew...she's 10 yrs old) split or slipped a disc in her spine, noone is sure how, she spent like 4 days at the vet (she can't use her back legs...she looks like a seal crawling across the floor) there was an option of doing surgery to fix it, but the vet talked to a specialist in Cary, and "they" said it wouldn't be a good idea because the surgery would be so extensive, that she, the dog, Selena, would not survive...so if she couldn't learn to go potty again on her own (she didn't know she had to pee, couldn't feel anything).
the only other option would be to....put her "to sleep"
Mom called me Thurs to ask if I would go to work with her yesterday, so Ray could find out what to do with the dog, she started crying and passed the phone to Ray and he told me, then apparantly he started crying so I was back talking to mom and she got me started.
the dog acts herself, still wants to play and begs for food like a pro, my mom put is "she's just 'broken'"
So, the dog is home and happier than ever to be here, she even barked with excitement (she's hardly ever done that) when we got here. They are going to get those wheel things that u see dogs w no legs using.

ummmm, I had more randomness, but its hard to type with one hand, Gaby's in my lap laying on my arm (not an extremely comfy chair that I'm in, esp not for 2 people)
attempt at an lj post take 2:
there's so much, again, like I said before, so far behind in the reading of...and don't...well, not even sure what the last thing I typed was (other than the thing before this).

I think I need to make an outline or something before I do this, because I had everything planned out last time, then Brad came to get me, and he was ready to go...so everything came spilling out and I forgot to gather it back up...
between my brother living with us and having money and ex-wife (aka psychobitch) woes, to our money problems (though mega thankful for our families that help out).
my health...iffy..Im not doing horrible, but I Could be doing better...want to lost at least 30lbs...though 40-45 would be nice so I could feel good once again...

awesome concert fun was had last friday,not quite gonna get into that rightnow...ummm ummm and well day ummm...
attempt number 3 to appear at a later date
peek a boo...can YOU guess who? hehe

yeah, I'm butt ass behind in LiveJournal world, I so need more than a few hours online to play catch up with everything, but that's nearly impossible w/ a 2.5 yr old running about.

I'd really love to read and catch up (I say as my SO walks through the door of my mom's house) =)
time to go home soon, so I can get to bed to get up by 4 or 5 to get ready to go "work" with my mom...helpin her out for a few days last week and this week..

there's more I wanted to type...but suddenly ran out of time...so it goes, right? =(
Gaby napped til about 9:30 pm...here it is about 1:30 a.m, time to get her cutie lil bootie to bed, wonder if she'll fuss (of course, but she'll get left there for half an hour or if she starts working herself up too much!)

wow and for some reason I'm hungry??? I ate some of that chicken n pastry...hmmm, might just grab a piece of rye bread with butter...(or at least the I can't believe its NOT butter, lite)
*this child is getting into EVERYTHING...I swear!!! I love her...I love her...yes I do, but sometimes just....DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!

*I still fail at getting up early, but I DID work out when I DID get up at about 10-ish...Gaby didn't get up til 11 maybe after

*I feel better today than I did yesterday, its nice outside, we spent some time out there...the grass seriously...seriously needs mowing, but our neighbor has the mower, something was wrong with it and Leroy likes to Tinker...haven't seen or heard anything..

*I'm ready to put Gaby down for a nap...I'm ready for one myself..

*I FINALLY dropped the 10 lbs I gained for the week, I was afraid that was gonna stick =(...so got 30-40 more to go...to quote Charlie Brown.."Good Grief!"

*brother brought home "Sweeney Todd" last night....WHOA! It was pretty good, very dark indeed, some parts were seemingly too loud while others were hard to hear...very bloody that's for sure..

*still haven't figured out a way to batman-ify a birthday cake for Brad (Friday)...his dad offerede to give him some money so we could go to Miyabis and he'd watch Gaby...but that's up to him...doesn't matter to me...

and well now I should go, i'm being slapped at and cried at very loudly...someone's going to bed!!!!!!

Feb. 8th, 2008

first off MOMS are great!!

I was "worried" about gettin her some money, but I called her the same night (that I made my last post) and told her I could give her what I had left (at least $200) but the rest would have to wait until we got our taxes back, she said she would just wait until then. I just didn't want her to feel like I was blowing her off (my grandma ends up feeling that way sometimes...thinks I'm taking advantage of how could of a rental payment I have...no, that's not the case, its just HE doesn't make enough to pay rent/bills/eat...so sometimes we just skip out on the last part...)

anyway, that's cool...

nothin else very new (don't feel like goin into zombie clip detail that he and his friends will be workin on...)

I just feel very...I guess the word could be/would be BLUE...stayed up a little late while Brad went ahead to bed, I spent a majority of the time online, since my brother was out with his "new girl"...

I feel bleh...fixed Gaby some oatmeal, she would not eat, okay...fine...fixed brad some scrambled eggs and grits...he usually eats cheese grits, but all we had was plain..so I put the ONLY kind of cheese we have left in the house in em (mexican mix cheese) so therefore they were not good...I did bad =(

Brad's kinda off today, well he's off, he just has to be at work at 4 am to unload a truck possibly by himself, cuz they're whole truck crew quit a few days ago (people that just didn't work/work too hard) he's not a member of that crew...but he gets volunteered for stuff that nobody else will do (he should effin get paid for that extra shhhhh t too, but nope, things don't work like that, you work your job+everyone elses for only your rate of pay..

have lots in my head, some of the same usual stuff...its just being crammed with other things...little by little everyday...

there might be a chance that I may not be online again in the next month or so...
brad SAYS he's gonna talk to john and give him and ultimatum...that if he doesn't have a job by the end of the month, we won't be able to pay for the internet (granted its like $40) but still, that's the main and ONLY thing John seems to be using more than us...if/when you don't see me online, its cuz he's on chatting up some friends/girls or whatever...
I don't know if that'll do any good or not, or that'll happen (just a "warning" if I disappear again....)

gonna go now..."mope" around the house some, and try to keep the "kid" from screaming anymore...

job hunt

easily amused?

...why yes I am...(thank you Ms. Risa =)

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